Tokyo Zenin Sansen Smash 64 Tournament Info | Dec 1

Tournament Name

全員参戦 - Zenin Sansen Kantou Taikai Go Owl Cup


Sunshine City Exhibition Hall B


December 1, 2018



Japanese Address

Sunshine City, Higashi-Ikebukuro 3-1-4, Toshima-ku, Tokyo



Participating Games

Smash 64

Entry Fee


(¥1,000 Spectator/"Free Games")

Tournament Information


Prize Information


Available Discounts

If you bring at least 1 N64 Console and a Super Smash Brothers 64 Cartridge, you will get a 500 yen discount.


9:00     Check-in (Ends at 10:00), Free play

10:00    Preliminaries begin

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Main tournament commences (A and B Group progress at same time)

17:00 Top 8 begins

20:00 Free play, finishing up tournament

21:00 Venue closes

(Schedule subject to change as needed)

Tournament Rules

  1. 1v1, four-stock games

  2. Best out of three games

  3. Double elimination style tournament (aka there is a losers bracket)

  4. No items

  5. If you pause the game, you must forfeit one life

Venue Rules

  1. Please make sure you bring your own trash home with you

    • If the venue is damaged or full of garbage after the event, they may not allow future Smash events to take place, so please act accordingly.

  2. Bringing food and drinks to the venue is allowed. You may want to mark it with your name so it doesn’t accidentally get taken.

  3. Please keep track of your valuables (controllers, consoles, phones, etc). The venue is not responsible for any theft.

    • If something is turned into tournament staff as “lost and found”, it will be held onto until the next tournament. After such time, it will be thrown away (Message @UMBRHP, @battlegateway, or @ssb64kantou if you think something of yours was turned into Lost and Found).

  4. Please keep your name tag on at all times in the venue. This is to prevent unauthorized entry to the venue.


You must pre-register to participate in the tournament. Must register before Dec 1, 2018; registration can be completed on the registration page for this event (instructions and translations provided below).

Note: To ensure that your registration is not cancelled, follow @ssb64kantou and @KantoTournament

goowl registration.png