Yamaguchi Smash Ultimate Event | Feb 23

Tournament Name ヤマブラ(Yamabura)SP #1
Venue Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park Multipurpose Dome
Date/Time February 23, 2019 (9:00-21:00)

Japanese Address
Community Room (3F), Ajisu 509-50, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi-ken

山口県山口市阿知須509番50, 3Fコミュニティールーム
Participating Games Smash Ultimate
Entry Fee Free
Tournament Information Website (Japanese)

Additional Fee Information

For an additional 500 yen per hour each, you can include unlimited snacks, unlimited soft drinks, or unlimited alcoholic drinks


9:00    Setup begins

9:30 Participant reception opens

10:15 Opening ceremonies, main event begins

20:15 Free play ends, clean up begins

21:00 Venue closes, all participants must leave.

(Schedule subject to change as necessary)

Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament will be a 1v1, 3 stock, 7 minute timer, double elimination tournament

  2. Items, stage transformations, spirits, Final Smash meter, and pause are all off.

  3. Qualifiers will be round robin.

  4. Starter stages are Battlefield, Final Destination, and Smashville (Hazards on or off are both okay)

  5. Counter stages include Starter stages plus Pokemon Stadium 2, Town and City (no hazards), and Kalos Pokemon League

Venue Rules

  1. Eating and drinking is allowed in the venue. Please take any trash home with you

  2. Smoing is prohibited in the venue.

  3. Do not be a nuisance to other players.

  4. Wear your nametag at all times in the venue and return the lanyard at the end of the event.

  5. Do not charge your mobile phone/etc inside the venue as power sockets are limited.

How to Register

You must pre-register on Twipla to participate in this tournament. If you have any questions, please contact @SSB_Massyu on Twitter. To register follow the instructions below.

Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Page in Okinawa.PNG

Scroll down on their Twipla page until you see this message (see picture on the right).

Twipla Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Paqe.png

Once you’ve logged in to Twitter and authorized the app, you will see these options. If you wish to participate, click the blue “参加する” button.