Tokyo Smash Ultimate Tournament Info | Jan 12

Tournament Name

Umebura スマブラSP 2


Sumida Industry Hall


January 12, 2019



Japanese Address

Sumida industry Hall, 3 Chome - 9 - 10 Kotobashi, Sumida - ku Sumida, Tokyo


東京都墨田区江東橋3丁目9番10号 墨田区・丸井共同開発ビル

Participating Games

Smash Ultimate

Entry Fee


Tournament Information


Prize Information


Available Discounts

  • Entry fee is only 1000 yen for high school participants (or younger)

  • Entry is free if you sign up for and bring your own Switch setup


9:20 Check in/Reception Opens (If you are bringing a Switch, try to arrive as close to 9:20 as possible)

10:20 Reception ends (if you fail to check in by this time, you’ll be assumed absent)

10:30 Opening ceremony

11:30 Tournament begins (Singles Tournament)

19:30 Tournament ends, venue closes

(Schedule subject to change as needed)

Tournament Rules

1.    Bring your own controller

2.    1v1, three-stock games with a 7 minute time limit

3.    Double Elimination Style (aka there is a losers bracket)

4.    All characters can be used

5.    If time limit runs out, lower % character wins

Venue Rules

  1. Please make sure you bring your own trash home with you

    • If the venue is damaged or full of garbage after the event, they may not allow future Smash events to take place, so please act accordingly.

  2. Bringing food and drinks to the venue is allowed. You may want to mark it with your name so it doesn’t accidentally get taken.

  3. Please keep track of your valuables (controllers, consoles, phones, etc). The venue is not responsible for any theft.

    • If something is turned into tournament staff as “lost and found”, it will be held onto until the next tournament. After such time, it will be thrown away (Message @UMBRHP if you think something of yours was turned into Lost and Found).

  4. Please keep your name tag on at all times in the venue. This is to prevent unauthorized entry to the venue.


You must pre-register to participate in the tournament. Register before January 10th, 2019.

To register, please visit the event page you are interested in (listed below):

(Note that there are 402 total open slots for competitors, 110 total open slots for Switch-bringing participants, and 200 total open slots for spectators)

kokucheese website instructions.png
kokucheese big smash event instructions.png

First, click the “お申込みはこちら” button near the bottom of the page).

Next, fill out your information in the application form (translations provided in picture to the right).