GGB Attends Final Wii-U Weekly Smash Party

Bittersweet as it gets; the final iteration of the Weekly Smash Party with Smash 4 as the Main Event.

Last Friday (Nov. 30, 2018), GGBchroMa and GGB Bursss together with some very helpful friends (thanks T. and E.!) made our way to Nakano to attend the final Smash 4 Tournament for Weekly Smash Party before Smash Ultimate is released.

Check in was a bit crazy this time-around because the digital Tournament Bracket was completely wiped a short time before the tournament began and Tempura and Watch were working together to make a new one by hand (pen and paper!). The exciting event for GGB tonight was filming our video (EDIT: The video is now up, check it out on YouTube here!) related to a time-honored western tradition. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but let’s just say it was the end of an auspicious month.

Besides the video shooting, we got a few good (friendly) games in and got to watch Zackray walk away with a well deserved Tournament championship! Congratulations Zackray, I guess this means you’ll hold the Smash 4 Championship Belt from the Weekly Smash Party forever now ;).

Anyway, be on the lookout for upcoming video featuring some big names from the Japanese Smash community. GGB out.