GGB hits up Zenin Sansen (an Umebura tournament)

GGB found themselves in the heart of Tokyo to attend one of the biggest tournaments happening in Japan: Umebura. But this was not just any Umebura tournament lol no. This was Zenin Sansen. The be-all-end-all tournament as a veteran Smash game puts up his hat to make way for the young buck. This tournament was a glorious farewell to the legend that is Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU. I mean, you can still play it but now that Ultimate is out who will, next.

The place: Sunshine City. The city: Ikebukuro. And on the menu: A heavy dose of Smash 4 glory with a side of Melee (yeah that’s right folks, the legend that’ll never die had it’s own tournament as well). Smash 4 heavyweights, the greatest Japan has to offer, gathered to show their prowess one more time for the game that they love. We saw the likes of Abadango, Ken, Tea, Choco, Eim, and many more facing off in a no holds barred slugfest that would bring a tear to any man’s eye. GGB caught a glimpse into the eye of the beast as Eim took the Umebura crown in the end while over on the Melee side sanne took the W over a battle for the ages against aMSa. We are beyond excited to see what these titans of Smash will do with Smash Ultimate, and you bet your last coin GGB is gonna be there to see it. Make sure to check out the highlights of the tournament in video form here and in photo form courtesy of our own GGB Dajare (check out the full album here and the rest of his awesome instagram @genericd).

-GGB (Bursss)

GGB’s lovely but chilly December Hike!!

GGB’s Mr BC sets off for a nice lil’ hike near Tokyo. Of course to Takao lal笑 but starting at Mount Jinba…slightly further away from the standard Takao

Started off at the base of Mount Jinba at 9.15 am. About 1 hour to the summit. From Jinba’s summit, we walked to Takao, traversing Mount Kagenobuyama on the way. It was a nice, slow chuhike (chuhai + hike), and we reached Takao as the sun was setting. Perfect Mount Fuji views. Was legit.

Overall, not a bad hike and not too easy. The paths are super well laid out, so it’s easy to navigate, and the end result is about 23k hiked, and 2,300 calories less. Defo worth it ;)

Hit us up if you want more details on hikes around Japan! GGB loves to hike woo!

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GGB in Taiwan!

Here we are! GGB in Taiwan, checking out the sites, doing street beers, and meeting the locals!

Mr BC went running, followed by being an early alarm clock for the sleeping GGB boys. Woke, smashed coffee, copious amounts of toast got bodied, and we hit the streets of Taipei.

To put it quite simply…it’s like a mini Tokyo. Taipei has the awesome aspects of Tokyo (shopping streets that feel like a mini Shinjuku / blinding flashing lights on crossings that’s reminiscent of Shibuya / street beers ;)) - but Taipei also has the lovely, nitty gritty, interesting aroma-ry, hot and sweaty feel that Thailand has (mainly the night markets).

We experienced it all!

Day 1 - walked around the streets. Checked out the local spots (chiang kai shek - memorial). Hit up Taipei 101 for some beer towers and shots from a nice hi-so bar.

Day 2 - Elephant Mountain (Xiàngshān), followed by some siccckkk beef noodles and again, out to Taipei 101 for drinking

Day 3 - markets upon markets.

Amazing place. 3 days is sufficient! Higly recommend. GGB nailed it! Needs a bit more smash though…only saw one Mario and one cheeky Ness walking around. Let’s go again boys?