(闘会議) GGB Crashes Tokaigi 2019 (Day 1)

Tokaigi is a special event for us. Without it, GGB might not exist.

Tokaigi 2018 is the first Smash bros event any of us went to in Japan. Before that, a combination of difficult to find events and lack of motivation all but completely prevented it. But when we went to Tokaigi 2018, met players like Larry Lurr, and got to feel the in-person excitement these events could have, we were inspired.

This year, only chroMa (me) could make it out to Day 1 of Tokaigi. Waking up at 7:30 a.m. and taking an 1.5 hour train ride out to Chiba isn’t the best way to start a weekend to be sure, but the pay off was awesome. There was about a half hour wait before 10:00a.m. (official opening) to get in and there had to be about 700 or 800 people in line in front of me. Luckily, between the light shows, the fog machines, the various cosplayers waiting in line, and the banging music that half hour passed pretty quick.

Once inside the event, I bee-lined straight to the very back of the convention hall where the Smash Tournament was happening. Yah, it had some weird (read: bad) rules like items on and stage transformations, but they were trying okay? Once the preliminaries were over, there was a short break for lunch where I got to play some free matches and explore the rest of the venue.

It was huge, and there were tons of different new games that you could try out for free, including some cool VR attractions. There were also some… not so great attractions (see: Test Taking attraction? event? —>)

It wouldn’t be a convention with a Cosplayers right? Well, this year’s Tokaigi had some of the best I’ve ever seen. There was a Samus that came up to ESAM to take a picture (check it out in ESAM’s Twitter here). There were Smash characters all around: Inklings, Marios, Fire Emblem left and right, you name it. I’ll put some of my favorites from Day 1 below.

Well, if you’ve made it this far you deserve a little something for your troubles. One of the big, non-advertised, events that took place at Day 1 Tokaigi 2019 was an unsanctioned, real-rules match between ESAM (Pikachu) and Abadango (Metaknight). Unfortunately the game got cut off at the very end, but it looked like ESAM was about to win anyway. Here’s the picture proof!

ESAM's secret (normal rules) match vs Abadango.JPG