Fuji Q! Wooo!

GGB BC and GGB ChroMa hit up Fuji Q highlands for a day of fun, sun, rides, excitement, views of Fuji, thrills, rides, excitement…and fun!


Fuji Q was easy to get to, easy to sort tickets out, and a must do!

Transport - I recommend taking the bus, but we ended up getting the train. Simple summary here. Bus stop in Shinjuku is here.

Cost - transport was only ¥2000 a way on the bus (and around ¥2500 for the train). Cheap, efficient…relatively fast. Fuji Q highlands was only ¥5500 yen in. We got the ticket before hand here. Peak season pre-purchase is probably wise.

FUJI Q Wooooo!

We started the day with playing Smash on the train…as is tradition.


When we got the park we jumped on Takabisha…which was insane!!! The views of Fuji from this ride were so legit, but maaan was it scary. Super thrilling ride!

The wait was a couple of hours, but not an issue if you have your switches with you ;)

After this, we went on the infamous Fujiyama!!! It seems like a classic; as it is well known and old (lel). We went on that ride a couple of times. Very enjoyable!

Lunch was solid (and cheap). Beers were a little pricey…but why not. After this, we went on a beast of a coaster, called Eejanaika. Was really mental.

To finish off the day we had a nice walk from Fuji Q station to Kawaguchiko station. Good views of Fuji, and overall, awesome day!

GGB's Snowboarding and Christmas Weekend

There’s nothing like winter in Japan. Christmas lights, shopping, snowboarding, and hot Sake.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all Smash players and Japan aficionados alike. GGB had a great holiday weekend starting off with snowboarding at Koumi Re-ex Ski Valley (小海リエックス・スキーバレー) on December 23rd and ending with an all night Christmas party from the 24th to Christmas morning hosted by GGB Mr BC.

When it comes to snowboarding in Japan, the winter season can be pretty unpredictable. In 2017, we went as early as December 18th and had pretty good conditions (snow, weather, coldness). This year, we weren’t so lucky at Koumi. There were only two runs open, the snow was artificial (but not too icy luckily), and the weather went from cloudy to rainy. On the plus side, it was just a 3 hour bus ride and only cost 5400 yen (an extra 2000 if you needed rental equipment). As a first run of the season, it did its job of getting our snowboarding legs back, but not much else. Luckily, what Koumi lacked in snow and good weather it made up for with plentiful beer vending machines.

(For more pictures of the trip and of Japan in general, check out Dajare’s Instagram post.
For more indepth reviews about snowboarding in Japan and about specific Ski Resorts in Japan, check out our friend Simon’s blogs about that topic: 4corners7seas)

The next day starting at 8pm, the whole GGB crew met up again at Mr BC’s spacious abode to spread Christmas cheer… which mostly translated to us drinking beer, eating pizza and other snacks, giving each other gifts, and playing Smash Ultimate. Oh, and two 1000mL bottles of good ol’ reliable St. Charles Mulled Wine. Mr BC won Bursss’s quiz game (with chroMa coming in a tight second) and Bursss won our friend T’s Smash Ultimate competition. Merriment was had, movies were watched, and hangovers were made.

GGB wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and reminding you to check back in about a week when we’ll post another blog featuring our upcoming multi-day snowboarding trip to Hakuba!

GGB’s lovely but chilly December Hike!!

GGB’s Mr BC sets off for a nice lil’ hike near Tokyo. Of course to Takao lal笑 but starting at Mount Jinba…slightly further away from the standard Takao

Started off at the base of Mount Jinba at 9.15 am. About 1 hour to the summit. From Jinba’s summit, we walked to Takao, traversing Mount Kagenobuyama on the way. It was a nice, slow chuhike (chuhai + hike), and we reached Takao as the sun was setting. Perfect Mount Fuji views. Was legit.

Overall, not a bad hike and not too easy. The paths are super well laid out, so it’s easy to navigate, and the end result is about 23k hiked, and 2,300 calories less. Defo worth it ;)

Hit us up if you want more details on hikes around Japan! GGB loves to hike woo!

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Hiking in Yamanashi with GGB

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