2019 Snowboarding in Hakuba!

So it begins…a new year…and this seasons snowboarding with GGB. 2 days in Hakuba…don’t mind if we do!

Overnight bus (about 6 hours) on January 1 from Shinjuku before arriving in the famous Hakuba, for a short but sweet 2 day mini-snowboarding vacation.

The snow was falling gently when we arrived, but the powder was piled up high. Looked like whiteout conditions from the morning, and that didn’t change over the 2 days…but fortunately our gear was on point.

On day 1 we stayed primarily on Goryu slope. The powder was so cushiony! Falling was quite dreamy ;) We practiced a few jumps over the banks between runs, as well as smashed a few beginner slopes and of course, intermediate slopes. The white out conditions did make it tough to see each other much, and the bunny slope was a minefield, but apart from that, we got some fantastic runs in.

We stayed at Pension Rantanrirun, which was fantastic! The host Kurumi-san was the best!!!! :) :) :)

Day 2, we stayed on Hakuba 47. We did a few different runs of this mountain, and ate pizza at the bottom (sickkk!) A little slower to get down as we took the scenic route…good old cat tracks. Still, was awesome smashing both mountains with all GGB.

Of course whilst snowboarding, we played Smash Ultimate at every chance possible. Nothing like getting back to the room and smashing it out!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out the video we made of this snowboarding trip that has footage, more pics, and original music by Bursss.

Hakuba: 5/5 Stars