GGB Attends Tokyo Weekly Smash Party #14

The Gaijin Gaming Bros made it out to another Weekly Smash Party in Nakano last week on Friday (11/9). GGB Bursss and chroMa were the first arrivals with Dajare joining later on (with his nice, expensive camera). We watched a few rounds of the Smash 4 Tournament and especially enjoyed watching Fuwa (@fuwa_sui) play some awesome Marth games and make it to the semi-final.

Once free-play started, we played rounds against Yossra’s (@YO_SU_RA) Lucas (tldr; she beat us a bunch), against Cyan’s Sonic, and even a game against Japan’s #1 Fox player Shogun (@shogun_snake)… well it’s nice to be humbled every now and then. Finally, the main event: each of the three GGB boys present played a round against our good friend Tempra (@tempra_chan).

Well, we learned a valuable lesson about the benefit of Z-Jumping. We’re looking forward to the 11/30 Smash Party in a couple of weeks!