Tokyo Intermediate Power Ranking

Hey there, GGB here. Resident of Japan? Not quite at the level to rub elbows with Abadango, Zackray, Hikaru, and the like, but still... ya know, want to know your place in the (Japan Smash Scene) universe? Welcome to Tokyo Intermediate Power Ranking (TIPR): the only non-pro level ranking in Japan.

The Idea behind TIPR

TIPR was established to create an official league for the broader Tokyo area to rank players who practice Smash Ultimate at an intermediate to high level. This league is comprised of four tournaments: Tokyo Nights, GGB Fight Club 闘会所, Touryuumon Beginners, スマパ x GGB Beginner’s Tournament, S.H.O.T., and Denkouhai 電光杯. With the establishment of this Power Ranking and league, we (the tournament organizers) hope to encourage more “cross-pollination” between the international and local Japanese Smash Bros scene.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify to appear in the Tokyo Intermediate Power Ranking, a player must have attained enough “attendance points”. The minimum number of attendance points is 20. Additionally, the player must have attended two different tournament series; they cannot have only participated in one tournament organizer’s events. Attendance at each tournament will grant the attendee five “attendance points”.

How to... Disqualify

In order to prevent the PR from being dominated by the top players in Japan, the following conditions will immediately disqualify a player from being ranked.

  1. Being in the top 25% of the following tournaments: Weekly Smash Party, Sumabato SP, Kurobra, Ueno Smash, or Umebura.

  2. Being ranked in the top 50 players on

  3. Agreement among the three tournament organizers behind this league that a person should be disqualified.

  4. If you are not a resident of the Kanto/Tokyo area (exceptions can be made based on agreement of TIPR staff)


No stakes, no fun right? Well here are the rewards:

  1. Attendees who are in the Top 8 best, according to the PR, will be featured in a custom designed graphic and have your name shouted to the Japanese winds by all 6 tournament organizers.

  2. If you are in the Top 3 best, according to the PR, not only will you be featured in the graphic but also you’ll have the option to be sponsored to next Umebura tournament (i.e. your entrance fees will be covered). Other Majors in the Tokyo-area will be considered as well in the absence of an Umebura tournament. If you are already sponsored for that tournament by a team, another league, etc your TIPR sponsorship will go to the next best player in the rankings.

Other Details

The PR Seasons will operate on a quarterly basis as follows:

Season 1: Jan 1 – Mar 31
Season 2: Apr 1 – Jun 30
Season 3: Jul 1 – Sep 30
Season 4: Oct 1 – Dec 31

At the end of every season, everyone’s rankings will be reset to level the playing field for the upcoming season.