Tokyo Smash Ultimate Weekly

NOTE: The info on this page is meant for general purpose use. Weeklies are assumed to have the same details every week, but may be cancelled or have venue changes. Before attending a weekly be sure you register (if required) and check the Tournament Organizer’s Twitter to confirm the most up-to-date-details.

Tournament Name スマぶくろIkebukuro Smash Ultimate Mixer
Venue Union Building
Day of the Week Tuesday, Sunday

Japanese Address
Room 1103 (11F), Ikebukuro 3-5-7, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to

東京都豊島区東池袋3-5-7 ユニオンビルヂング1103
Participating Games Smash Ultimate
Entry Fee ¥1000
Tournament Information Tournament Organizer Twitter

Additional Information

¥500 discount for students

The Tuesday event and Part 2 of the Sunday event are normally free play/squad battles. Part 1 of the Sunday event is normally a tournament



18:00 Event begins

22:00 Event ends


11:00 Reception for Part 1 begins

13:00 Preliminary round robin rounds for tournament begin

14:00 Winner’s rounds of tournament begins

17:30 Part 1 ends, break

18:00 Part 2 begins

22:00 Part 2 ends, Venue closes, all participants must leave

(Schedule subject to change as needed)

Venue Rules

  1. Food and drink are allowed, but please do not bring strong smelling food/drink

    • Alcohol is also allowed, but do not get in the way of others while drinking

  2. Please manage your own valuables

  3. There is a designated, separate, smoking room.

  4. There will be Wi-Fi available

  5. Each table will have an outlet available

  6. Leaving early, arriving in the middle of a part, and joining in the middle of a part are all fine.

  7. No religious solicitation, flirting, or inappropriate touching allowed.

You must preregister for this event at the Twipla event page before attending. To see the most recent Twipla page, check the tournament organizer’s Twitter. If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @sumabukuro.

Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Page.PNG

Scroll down on their Twipla page until you see this message (see picture on the right).

Twipla Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Paqe.png

Once you’ve logged in to Twitter and authorized the app, you will see these options. If you wish to participate, click the blue “参加する” button.