Osaka Smash Ultimate Weekly

NOTE: The info on this page is meant for general purpose use. Weeklies are assumed to have the same details every week, but may be cancelled or have venue changes. Before attending a weekly be sure you register (if required) and check the Tournament Organizer’s Twitter to confirm the most up-to-date-details.

Tournament Name Weekday Sumabato Tournament
Venue Cowa’s Rental Space
Day of the Week Thursday

Japanese Address
〒574-0027 Osaka, Daito, Misumicho, 2−7 シティワース2F

〒574-0027 大阪府大東市三住町2−7 シティワース2F
Participating Games Smash Ultimate
Entry Fee ¥500-700
Tournament Information Tournament Organizer Twitter

Available Discounts

Potentially available for bringing a Switch Set Up


19:30 Venue opens

20:00 Main event begins

23:00 Clean up begins

24:00 Venue closes, all participants must leave

Event Rules

  1. Bring your own controller.

  2. Mostly free play, all welcome.

  3. For tournament, rules will be 1v1, 3 stock, 7 minute timer games.

  4. Items will be off, spirits off, and Final Smash Meter off.

  5. Stage hazards are off.

Venue Rules

  1. Eating and drinking is allowed, but you must bring your trash home.

  2. Do not create major disruptions.


You must pre-register to participate in the tournament. Must register before the day of the event; registration can be completed Twipla (see Tournament Organizer’s Twitter for most recent Twipla). If you have questions or you need to cancel your registration, please contact @bidalwwwwwwwwww.