Smash Tournament Ready Japanese (Part 1)

If you’re going to be visiting Japan or you live here and are just a litttttttle bit lazy when it comes to studying Japanese, have no fear! Not only do most people speak some level of English but also GGB has prepared this guide with 10 useful phrases for navigating your way around a tournament like a well-meaning, but woefully daft, Japanese native!

The phrases will be laid out in Japanese (including Kanji), just hiragana/katakana, and lastly Romaji, followed by an English explanation (and similar alternatives if applicable).

phrase 1

Romaji: Sumabura ibentowa kokodesuka?

You get to the door somewhere, you can hear sounds from inside but you’re not really sure if you’re at the right address… after all, all the signs are in Japanese. This phrase basically asks the person up front who is checking people in “Is the Smash Brothers event here?”

Phrase 2

ふりがな:わたしの なまえは ___です
Romaji: Watashino namaewa ______desu

To check in they gotta know your name, to know your name you gotta tell them. Fill your name in the blank and bam, check in will be a cinch. If you registered under your handle (or just want to be called by your handle) replace なまえ/namae with ハンドル/handoru. You are basically saying “My name/handle is _____”

Phrase 3

ふりがな:つぎの ゲーム から はいって いいですか。
Romaji: Tsugino gemu haitte iidesuka?

You spot a set up, two players locked in a fierce battle… and you want to get in on it. This phrase means “Can I play the next game?”

phrase 4

ふりがな:なまえは なんですか。
Romaji: Namaewa nandesuka?

You’ve sat down. They’ve accepted you and maybe even understood your strange pronunciation. What better small talk than to ask them for their name? Same as with phrase 2, you can substitute “なまえ/namae” for “ハンドル/handle" when asking this question. “What is your name/handle?”

phrase 5

Romaji: Kicon shitemoii desuka?

Before you play, you’ve got to set up your controls/name on their Switch. With this phrase you’re asking “Can I set up my controls?”. You’ll normally hear a “douzo” in reply.

Phrase 6

ふりがな:よろしく おねがいします
Romaji: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Instead of saying “good luck” or “have fun”, in Japan they will say this before matches. There’s no exact translation for this phrase, but its a good-vibes kinda phrase.

phrase 7

ふりがな:いまの プレイ すごいです!
Romaji: Ima no purei sugoi desu

If your opponent does something really cool, takes your stock, maybe even styles on you a bit you can say this phrase to me “That was a good play!”

phrase 8

Romaji: ___wa tsuyoi desu

If you want to comment on their character (or your own character) and say “Thats a strong character!” use this phrase to mean “___ is a strong character.” If you want to say the character is weak or bad you can say よわい/yowai instead of つよい/tsuyoi.

Phrase 9

ふりがな:___が にがてです
Romaji: ___ga nigate desu.

This is a useful phrase to tell someone you’re bad at a matchup. Basically saying “I’m bad at the ___ matchup”.

phrase 10

ふりがな:いいしあい でした。おつかれさまです
Romaji: Iishiai deshita. Otsukaresamadesu

You’ve played for awhile with an opponent and you’re gonna leave/try to play some other people, this is a great phrase to tell them you had a good time and enjoyed the matches. Translates to something like “Those were good matches, thanks for playing with me.”

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