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Umebura SP #4 (Tentative)

Tokyo Smash Ultimate Major Tournament Info

Venue: Sumida Industry Hall

〒130-0022 Tokyo, Sumida City, 墨田区Kotobashi, 3 Chome−9−10号 墨田区・丸井共同開発ビル

Japanese Address:
〒130-0022 東京都墨田区江東橋3丁目9−10号 墨田区・丸井共同開発ビル

Participating Games: Smash Ultimate (Switch)

Entry Fee:

Tournament Website:

Available Discounts

2000 yen discount if you register as “Bringing a Switch Set-Up” there will be no Entry Fee

1000 yen discount for highschool students and younger (must show student ID)

1000 yen discount if you register as spectator


9:20 Reception Opens

10:20 Reception closes

  • If you haven’t checked in by this point, you cannot participate in the tournament

10:30 Opening Ceremony

11:00 Singles tournament preliminaries begins

14:00 Lunch break

15:00 Singles tournament top 96

19:30 Venue closes, all participants must leave.

Tournament Rules

  1. Bring your own controller

  2. The main event is a 1v1 tournament

  3. 3 stock, items off, 7 minute timer, stage hazard off, pause function off.

  4. The full rules can be read here.

Venue Rules

  1. Bring all trash home with you

  2. You can bring food/drinks, but label them as being yours

  3. Always keep your belongings with you to prevent theft

  4. Please wear your nametag at all times

  5. If you forget something at the venue, you will have until the next event to claim it, otherwise it will be thrown away.

  6. Note that one of the set ups will be streaming gameplay and footage of the players. Additionally, you will be photographed while inside the venue.

  7. The venue is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


To participate in the tournament, you must preregister…. If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @UMBRHP.