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Sumajuku #6

Tokyo Smash Ultimate Event Info

Venue: Karaoke Kan (Kabukicho)

1-17-10 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Japanese Address:

Participating Games: Smash Ultimate (Switch)

Entry Fee: ¥2,500 (Karaoke included)

Available Discounts

  • 500 yen discount if you bring a friend

  • Extra 200 off if you bring your own setup (switch and dock with necessary cables)


12:30    event starts (Smash, Karaoke, and other games)

19:00 event ends


You must preregister for this event at Twipla before April 6, 2019. If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @junichi_1119.