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(Saitama) Omiya Smash Ultimate Meetup #5

Kitakyushu Smash Ultimate Tournament Info

Venue: Aqua Omiya Meeting Room

〒330-0845 Saitama, Omiya Ward, Nakacho, 3−70 グランディア大宮203号室

Japanese Address:
〒330-0845 埼玉県さいたま市大宮区仲町3−70 グランディア大宮203号室

Participating Games: Smash Ultimate

Entry Fee:¥1,000

Available Discounts

¥500 discount available for high school students or younger (must show ID).


17:30 Free play begins

22:00 Event ends, venue closes, all participants must leave

(Schedule subject to change as needed)

Venue Rules

  1. Ring the intercom for Room #203 when you arrive

  2. Please take all trash home with you when you leave the venue.

  3. The organizers and venue are not responsible for items lost or damaged within the venue

  4. Power is limited within the venue, so refrain from charging mobile phone/etc

  5. Refrain from making loud noises

  6. Don’t eat any especially odorous food.

  7. There is no smoking or drinking alcohol allowed within the venue.

How to Register

You must preregister at Twipla (see buttons above) for this event before June 10 at 17:00. After you register on Twipla, comment using the following template:

【参加日 (Date of Participation)】_____【switch一式持参Bringing Switch (Choose One)】する(Will)・しない(Will Not)【使用キャラCharacter Used】_______【コメント】よろしくお願いします。

If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @SPsaitama_off on Twitter.

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