The GGB peeps have been living in Japan long enough to be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to non-Smash Bros related things to do while you’re traveling in the Far East.


Tokyo Cheapo - Website for finding cheap options for events, entertainments, restaurants etc. Useful resource for travellers and residents.

Time Out Tokyo

Go Tokyo

Tokyo Weekender - Longrunning Tokyo life-style guide for English speakers with info on local events, restaurants, and other ways to fill your time.


Ridgeline Images - Covers hiking destinations in Japan, especially in the Tokyo area with useful maps, pictures, and written guides.


Fugu Tabetai - A fellow fighting game enthusiast in the Tokyo area who covers Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, DragonBall Fighter Z, and other fighting game events.


Ski-Ichiba! - Japanese Snowboarding reservation site…and GGB’s go to site when booking a single day, or multi day SnowBo trip with cheap prices!!!! Not too tough to navigate but a little Japanese skill is helpful.

Tokyo Travel Pal! - Snowboarding reservations…in English!!!! This site is super helpful for booking snowboarding trips at many locations across Japan. Easy to use, all inclusive, and stress free!

4 Corners 7 Seas - A personal friend of GGB who runs an overland travel blog with emphasis on snowboarding. Has traveled all over Asia and is a great resource.