Osaka Smash Bros Event Info | Feb 12

Tournament Name Osaka City University Smash Event
Venue Osaka City University Sugimoto Campus
Date/Time February 12, 2019 (13:00–21:30)

Japanese Address
Student Hall 2 - Meeting Room 2B (2F), Sugimoto 3-3-13, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka

大阪府大阪市住吉区杉本3丁目3 第2学生ホール2F会議室2B
Participating Games Smash 64, Melee, and Ultimate
Entry Fee Free
Tournament Information Website
Prize Information N/A

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13:00 Event begins

21:30 Event ends

Event Rules

  1. This is a casual meetup to have fun and play various Smash Bros games. No specific rules.

Venue Rules

  1. No specific venue rules listed

  2. Please take all trash home with you when you leave the venue.

  3. The organizers and venue are not responsible for items lost or damaged within the venue

  4. While inside the venue, you will be photographed and your image may be used. By registering you agree to these terms.

How to Register

You must preregister at Kokucheese (Participant) for this event at the Kokuchpro before February 12, 2019 at 17:00 . If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @ocu_smashbross on Twitter.

Smash Event & Tournament Website registration explanation.png

To register for the event, scroll down until you see the orange “お申込みはこちら” button and click on it. (Note the picture on the right does not exactly match the exact event, but is merely to illustrate the button)

Smash Bros event registration page at Osaka City University.png

Fill in the information according to the translations provided on the right. After you have filled out the required information, click the “確認” Button at the bottom.