Kurobra Original Character Design Competition (50,000 yen prize!)

(Please Note: This “competition” is hosted by @Kurobra_SSB. For the purposes of clarity, we are not affiliated with this event and all information provided below was translated from their official rules posted on this Google Doc. The original tweet giving info about this competition is here. Thank you)

Taking Applications for Kurobra Original Character

After you’ve read over the below content, please send your illustration (as an attachment) via the instructions provided at the end.


Guidelines for Submission of Kurobra Original Character

Kurobra is currently accepting submissions for an official original character


Intended Use of Original Character Design and Scope of Use

Will be used for: Kurobra tournaments, announcements on media websites for competitions, printed materials made for tournament use.

(Again, this character’s uses will be limited to things related to Kurobra)


Credit for Creator

When Kurobra uses the illustration in any online media, they will mention the artist.


Screening/Selection process

The Kurobra tournament staff will discuss the submitted illustrations and will make a decision about which one they will use.


Things that cannot be used/depicted in the illustration

  • Anything which could possibly damage the image of Kurobra tournaments.

  • Anything which is likely to infringe copyrights (i.e. closely resembling already existing characters)

  • Anything which cannot be shown in public (i.e. because of overly sexual or violent content)

  • Anything which slanders/besmirches a particular person


Requirements for Submitted Drawings

  • The drawing must be a full body character and be able to show the front/back of the character.

  • Include clothing and ornamentation detailed explanation

    • If you are submitting a plastic model with small details, please take close up pictures of the details or draw them separately.

  • The above requirements are the minimum to be included in the selection process 

  • If you have reference data or supplemental information about the drawing, it is fine for you to append those to the email as well.


Information Regarding 3D Rendering

Kurobura is currently in negotiations with a professional 3D Modeler about the possibility of turning the illustration into a 3D model.

If Kurobura decides to create a 3D model from an illustration, there is a chance they will ask for additional supplements/details of the illustration for the modeler to use. 

Please be aware of this in advance.


Deadline for Submission

March 31, 2019


Selection Announcement Date

The illustration Kurobra selects will be revealed at the Kurobra 3 year anniversary tournament on April 20, 2019.


Prize Information

Kurobra is offering a ¥50,000 (~$440) prize to the person whose drawing we select.

To properly thank the winning artist, they’d like to personally give the winner the prize money at the Kurobra event directly. However, for people that live too far away to come to the Kurobra event, they intend on sending the money via a wire transfer to their bank.


Regarding Electronic Submission

After you have read and agree to the above requirements/conditions, please make your submissions by following the below instructions.

1.      Message Kurobra on Twitter (@Kurobra_SSB) and they will give you the email address

2.      Title your email “クロブラオリジナルキャラクタ―応募” (Translation: Kurobra Original Character Submission)

3.      Attach the drawing/related files

4.      In the body of the email, include the Twitter handle you used in the original DM (for the sake of confirming identity) and include how you would like to be credited when your drawing is used, if your submission wins.

Good luck participants!