Kanagawa Smash Brothers Tournament Info | Nov 24

Tournament Name

クロブラ(Kurobra)12 WiiU FINAL + DX


Odasaga Plaza


November 24, 2018 (9:00 – 20:00)



Japanese Address

RaCal Odasaga 4F, Minamidai 3-20-1, Minami-Ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa



Participating Games

Smash 4, Melee

Entry Fee

¥500 for "free-play"/spectator

Tournament Information

(Note that there are multiple tournament information/registration pages. They will be listed below.)

Prize Information


Available Discounts

¥500 discount available if you provide a Wii U Console and Smash 4 copy for tournament use.

Ø  Must have all stages unlocked (including Kirby’s Dreamland) and all characters (including DLC characters) available


9:00 Tournament Set-up begins

9:45 Reception Opens and Free Play

10:30 Reception ends

10:45 Opening Ceremonies and Rules

  • Immediately after Smash 4 Preliminaries begin and the main Melee tournament stars

12:00 Afternoon Lunch Break

13:30 Lunch break ends

13:45 Tournament resumes

18:30 Award ceremony for winners, commemorative photos taken

18:50 Sub event begins and Free-Play

20:00~ Event wraps up

Tournament Rules

Smash melee rules

  1. Bring your own controller

  2. 1v1 Matches, 4 stocks, 8 Minute timer

  3. No items

  4. If the time runs out, winner is determined by 1) remaining stocks 2) lower percentage 3) Rematch (2 minute timer, 1 stock)

  5. Grand Final is best of 5

Smash 4 rules

  1. Bring your own controller.

  2. 1v1 Matches, 2 stocks, 6 Minute timer

  3. Presumably standard tournament rules

Venue Rules

  1. Eating and drinking is allowed, but you must bring your trash home.

  2. Do not create major disruptions, talk too loudly, etc

  3. Do not excessively use charging plugs for phones, 3DS, etc.

  4. The venue is non-smoking


You must pre-register to participate in the tournament. Must register before Nov. 22, 2018 at 23:59. For questions or if you need to cancel your registration, message @Kurobra_SSB or @kiba_SSBM. Registration links below:

Wii U Tournament Registration Page

Melee Tournament Registration Page

Spectator Only Registration Page

Smash Event & Tournament Website registration explanation for Kokuchpro.png

On the event pages, scroll down and click on the 申込む Button (if the event is full the button will be replaced with a different orange button that reads キャンセル待ちに登録).

Kanagawa Smash 4 & Smash Melee event registration information.png

Next, fill in your registration information and click submit (申込む button at the bottom). Translations provided on the right.