How to Register and Use Smashmate (スマメイト)

Hey there, GGB here. If you came across this page you’re probably looking to up your Smash Ultimate skills (and improve your online matchmaking experience at the same time). If you live in Japan, there’s no better way to do this than with Smashmate.

Combined Smashmate Registration.png

How to Register

  1. Have or make a Twitter account and be logged into it.

  2. Visit Smashmate website and click on the “ログイン&新規登録” link in the upper right corner.

  3. This will bring you to a page where it asks you to “Authorize App”. Yeah, authorize it.

  4. After you Authorize, it will bring you to a sign up page. If you Google Translate this page to English, you should have no problems filling out most of the forms. I’ve provided translations/explanations of the “harder” questions (i.e. Google Translate’s translation is bad) on the right.

  5. If you have any questions about any of the settings during registration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Facebook or Twitter.

  6. There is one more step before you are allowed to play rating matches. On the rating match screen you will see a link on the left that says “Check the rules” (but in Japanese… you’ll see it on the left side of the screen in the same box that says how many players are looking for matches/playing). This is a quiz that you need to complete one time before you will be allowed to play rating matches. I should let you struggle with this part alone, but I’m graciously providing you the answers (in Japanese) below.

How to Use

First and foremost, visit their Rules page and allow Google Translate to do its magic. I won’t go over every single detailed rule, but its important that you at least follow the following rules:

  1. If you are assigned as Player 1 and have to make the room make sure the settings you have are:

    • 3 stock, 1v1, 7 minute timer, no stage hazards, normal knockback, no items

    • Stage selection should be set to “Players Choose”

    • The room must have a password and that password must be 1122

  2. At some point the website might ask you if its okay to enable “Push Notifications”. You should say yes.

  3. When playing in a rating match the stage order is Final Destination, Battlefield/Pokemon Stadium 2, and then Town and City/SmashVille (if there is a game three).

  4. If the game goes to sudden death because the timer runs out, the player who had a higher percent loses (they should SD)

  5. To play a “Rating Battle” click on that button near the top of the website and click the green button that says “対戦相手を探す!”. If you want you can limit the people you match with so that they are closer to your rank.

  6. After the games have finished (meaning someone won best 2 out of 3), on the Website click the the button with the result (if you won click 勝ち if you lost click 負け)

  7. Back out of the the screen after the result has been confirmed (you’ll notice the screen will refresh as long as the opponent has also accurately reported the win/loss and some green text will appear). Return to the “Rating Battle” page and click on the same Green button to be matched again. Now you’re smashmating!