Hiroshima Smash Ultimate Tournament Info | Feb 9

Tournament Name

ヒロスマ(Hirosuma)SP #12


Mitte Ujina


February 9, 2019 (9:00-20:30)



Japanese Address

Mitte Ujina, Ujina-nishi 2-16-51, Minami-Ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken



Participating Games

Smash Ultimate

Entry Fee


Tournament Information

Website (Japanese)
Bringing Switch Website

Prize Information


Available Discounts

¥500 discount available if you provide a Switch Console and Smash Ultimate copy for tournament use.

  • Must bring a Switch (with Smash Ultimate Game data), Switch Dock, HDMI Cable, AC Adaptor, and GC controller adapter

Spectators can attend free, but may spectate only. If you play even one game, you must pay the full ¥1000 fee.


9:00 Tournament Set-up Begins (Set-up team only)

10:00 Check-in begins (Free play)

11:00 Opening Ceremony and main event begins

17:30 Main event ends

19:30 Sub-event(s)/Free play finishes

20:30 Venue closes, all players must leave

Tournament Rules

  1. The preliminary matches will be round robin.

  2. The tournament will be 1v1, 3 stock, 8 minute timer games

  3. Items off, normal knockback, stage hazard off, pause function off.

  4. No smash meter.

  5. All Mii-Fighters are okay

  6. Starter stages are: Final Destination, Battlefield, Pokemon Stadium 2

  7. Counter stages are: Smashville, Kalos Pokemon League

Venue Rules

  1. Please wear the name-tag you receive at reception at all times in the venue

  2. Bringing food and drink is allowed, however do not eat/drink in public areas of the venue

  3. No smoking

  4. You must bring your trash home with you

  5. Please avoid using power outlets to charge phone/etc

  6. Be mindful of your valuables as the tournament is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

  7. You must register to participate in the event.

  8. Do not mess with or touch the tourmament-use Switch consoles unless you are synchronizing a wireless controller.


Registration (Standard, Bringing Switch, Spectator) closes at 11:59 on February 7, 2019. Please note that there are 47 competitor spots, 10 “Bringing Switch”, and 10 “Spectator” spots available. If you need to cancel your participation in the tournament after registering, please message @HirosumaSP or @Lagnel on Twitter as soon as possible. Note that if you cancel same day or don’t show up, there may be a penalty imposed on your participation at the next event.

Smash Ultimate in Hiroshima Event Registration Instructions.png

On the event pages, scroll down and click on the お申込みはこちら Button.

Smash Ultimate in Hiroshima Event Application Instructions

Next, fill in your registration information and click submit (確認 button at the bottom). Translations provided on the right.