Hiroshima Smash 4 Tournament Info | Nov 10

Tournament Name

第11回ヒロスマ 4Final (Hirosuma #11)


Aki Ward Community Cultural Center


November 10, 2018 (9:30-21:00)



Japanese Address

Aki Ward Community Cultural Center, Funakoshi-Minami 3-2-16, Aki-Ku, Hiroshima



Participating Games

Smash 4 (Wii U)

Entry Fee


(Spectator ONLY free)

Tournament Information

Website (Japanese)
Bringing Wii-U Website

Prize Information


Available Discounts

¥500 discount available if you provide a Wii U Console and Smash 4 copy for tournament use.

Ø  Must have all stages unlocked (including Kirby’s Dreamland), all characters (including DLC characters) available, and your copy of Smash 4 must be updated to the most recent update.


9:00 Tournament Set-up Begins (Set-up team only)

9:30 Check-in begins (Free play)

10:00 Opening Ceremony and Preliminaries begin

17:30 Tournament Ends

19:00 Sub-event(s), Free play finishes

20:00 Venue closes, all players must leave

21:00 Post-tournament hangout begins

Tournament Rules

  1. Two stock games with a 6 minute timer

  2. Matches are best two out of three

  3. Preliminaries are round-robin, the main tournament is double elimination style tournament (there is a winners and a losers bracket)

  4. All items are off

  5. You can customize your controller configuration

  6. No Custom moves

  7. No pausing

  8. Standard tournament stages are allowed

In the event of a power outage/surge, the players will discuss with each other how to restart the match once the power is restored. If players cannot decide on how the match will resume, please call a staff member over to resolve it.

Venue Rules

  1. Please wear the name-tag you receive at reception at all times in the venue

  2. Bringing food and drink is allowed, however do not eat/drink in public areas of the venue

  3. No smoking

  4. You must bring your trash home with you

  5. Please avoid using power outlets to charge phone/etc

  6. Be mindful of your valuables as the tournament is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

  7. You must register to participate in the event.


Registration (Standard, Bringing Wii-U) closes at 11:59 on November 8. Please note that there are 62 competitor spots and 10 “Bringing Wii-U” spots available. If you need to cancel your participation in the tournament after registering, please message @hirosuma4 on Twitter as soon as possible. Note that if you cancel same day or don’t show up, there may be a penalty imposed on your participation at the next event.

kokucheese website instructions.png

On the event pages, scroll down and click on the お申込みはこちら Button.

hirosuma page2.png

Next, fill in your registration information and click submit (確認 button at the bottom). Translations provided on the right.