Okinawa Smash Ultimate Weekly

NOTE: The info on this page is meant for general purpose use. Weeklies are assumed to have the same details every week, but may be cancelled or have venue changes. Before attending a weekly be sure you register (if required) and check the Tournament Organizer’s Twitter to confirm the most up-to-date-details.

Tournament Name GG Smash Ultimate SP
Venue Okinawa Sweets and Boardgame Bar
Day of the Week Wednesday

Japanese Address
Social Bldg Cosmo (4F), Makishi 2-7-22, Okinawa

沖縄県4F牧志2丁目7−22 ソシアルビルコスモ
Participating Games Smash Ultimate
Entry Fee ¥500 per hour
Tournament Information Tournament Organizer Twitter

Additional Fee/Specials Information

  • For an additional ¥1,000 yen, you can upgrade to an all-you-can-drink plan which includes alcohol


18:00     Event begins

24:00     Event ends

(You may join and leave the event at any time)

Tournament Rules

  1. Bring your own controller

  2. The event is a casual, play with whom you like, with whatever rules you like system.

Venue Rules

  1. As this is a bar, please refrain from bringing your own food/drinks.

  2. As sockets may be limited, please ask before charging phone. If you need to charge your controller, ask your staff.

  3. All controllers are allowed (and you should bring your own), but use of Turbo-Button is not allowed.

How to Register

No registration necessary, just show up to the event and be sure to pay before you leave. For questions, please message @toarusnake on Twitter!