Kyoto Smash Ultimate Weekly

NOTE: The info on this page is meant for general purpose use. Weeklies are assumed to have the same details every week, but may be cancelled or have venue changes. Before attending a weekly be sure you register (if required) and check the Tournament Organizer’s Twitter to confirm the most up-to-date-details.

Tournament Name DOSUE Smash
Venue e-sports FIELD YASAKA
Day of the Week Tuesday

Japanese Address
Kawaramachi-dori St, 六角下る東入北車屋町265-1, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto

河原町通り 六角下る東入北車屋町265-1, 中京区 京都府
Participating Games Smash Ultimate
Entry Fee Free
Tournament Information Tournament Organizer Twitter

Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament is 1v1, 7 minute timer, 3 stock, best of 3 games.

  2. Double elimination tournament with items, stage hazards, and stage transformations off.

  3. See the tournament registration page for full rules.

Venue Rules

  1. Please keep the noise down outside the venue

  2. Don’t leave any trash behind

How to Register

You must preregister for this event by registering on before the event. The Tournament Organizer’s Twitter will have the most recent registration page. If you need to cancel your registration, or if you have questions please contact @DOSUE_SMASH or @LYC_DUCKHUNT on Twitter.