Hokkaido Smash Ultimate Event Info | Feb 16

Tournament Name 旭川スマブラSP対戦会(Asahikawa Smash Ultimate)#0
Venue Coworking Space Asahikawa 37
Date/Time February 16, 2019 (11:00-22:00)

Japanese Address
Yonezawa Building (2F), 3-Jodori 7-Chome Left-6, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido-ken

旭川市3条通7丁目左6号 第4ヨネザワビル2F
Participating Games Smash Ultimate (Switch)
Entry Fee Time based (see below)
Tournament Information Website
Prize Information N/A

Additional Fee Information

Time System: 2 hours of play = 500 yen, 2-4hrs = 1000 yen, 4hrs+=1500 yen

The tournament organizer needs people to provide full equipment for use, including; monitor, switch, dock, cables (HDMI / AC adapter for Switch) and speakers (if possible). Indicate on Twipla if you can bring a Switch Setup and/or monitor.


11:00 Event begins

22:00 Event ends

Tournament Rules

  1. Bring your own controller

  2. Mostly free play, so rules can be whatever you and your opponent agree to!

Venue Rules

  1. Bringing food and drink is fine, but please be careful not to spill it.

  2. Bring all trash home with you.

  3. Mark your food and drinks as yours to avoid confusion.

  4. No smoking inside the venue.

  5. Do not be rude, cause disturbances, or otherwise interfere with the progression of the event.


You must pre-register to participate in the event. To register, visit the “twipla” page for this event and follow the directions below. If you have any questions, please message @R_0109.

Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Page in Hokkaido.PNG

Scroll down on their Twipla page until you see this message (see picture on the right).

Twipla Smash Ultimate Tournament Registration Paqe.png

Once you’ve logged in to Twitter and authorized the app, you will see these options. If you wish to participate, click the blue “参加する” button.