Sendai Smash Ultimate Event | Dec 24

Tournament Name

宮城クリスマブラSP会 (Miyagi Kurisumabura (Like Christmas) SP Meeting) - Sendai City


Miyagino-ku citizen center Japanese-style room 1


December 24, 2018 (09:00 – 19:00)


Japanese Address

2 Chome-12-70 Gorin Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 983-0842


Participating Games

Smash Ultimate

Entry Fee


(100 yen off for bringing a Switch setup)

Tournament Information


Prize Information


Available Discounts

¥100 discount if you bring your own setup (that includes the Switch console, the latest version of Smash Ultimate, the Switch dock and cables, and a Gamecube controller adapter)


09:00     Setting up. Free games can start whenever setting up is done

—-throughout the day, battle, chatting, chilling

18:00    Start cleaning up

19:00    Venue closes, all entrants must leave

(Schedule subject to change as needed)

Venue Rules

  1. Outside food and drink is allowed, just make sure to not leave any trash behind.

  2. No smoking is allowed inside the venue

  3. The organizers and venue are not responsible for items lost or damaged within the venue

  4. Other business are operating around the area so keeping the noise down is appreciated!

  5. Please help with preparation, setting up the consoles, and with cleaning! Thank you!

How to Register

There is still the chance to register! Register through the website here. Additionally, image of how to join and map are below!

Miyagi Kurisumabura Smash Ultimate meet up how to join.png